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We're passionate about creating a world where safe behaviours are second nature

An all-in-one platform that empowers organisations to create a strong safety culture.

"We've spent the past 5 years working with world-leading companies and industry experts to create a platform capable of completely changing health and safety."

Leo Scott Smith - CEO - Tended

We’re on a mission to change the way safety is managed, forever.

Workplace accidents happen because of underlying influences and pressures within an organisation's safety culture. Without knowledge or understanding of these, interventions to change unsafe behaviours don't last, and accidents are inevitable.

We're changing this by being the first to offer a complete culture change platform. Tended uncovers deep-rooted perceptions and assumptions that hold organisations back. We offer a variety of targeted techniques to drive changes that lift deeply-ingrained cultures and create lasting change.

Our platform helps managers develop and become better leaders, provides visibility around performance and progress, and enables organisations to make safety culture improvements that benefit everyone.

Tended's values

From the way we work, to the products we build, our values ensure we create groundbreaking technology that benefits people in the right way.

Take a different approach

We never give up. We're working to solve ever-changing and complex challenges using new approaches - but this doesn’t scare us.

Keep looking ahead

We pride ourselves on pushing boundaries, ensuring we’re always ahead of the curve and using the latest technologies to improve safety.

Work together

From our team through to our customers, we put collaboration at the heart of our approach and value every individual's opinion.

Love what you do

We put passion into everything we do. Our team is driven to create technology that will help to save lives.

Be honest and fair

We put our customers, users, partners, and employees at the forefront of everything we do. We promise to always act ethically and uphold the privacy of our users.

Keep it simple

Staying safe should fit seamlessly into our users' lives. This is why we’ll always design products that are simple to use and user friendly.

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