An introduction to Tended’s safety culture solution

If you don’t decide on the safety culture you want, you’ll live with the one you get - unplanned, unstructured and driven by accepted common practices, good or bad.


Tended is helping companies (like yours) to be the architects of their organisational safety culture. We provide tools and guidance to develop a culture of safety that intrinsically cultivates safe practices, decisions, and behaviours.


Our three phase cycle starts with exploring the experiences that have led to commonplace unsafe conditions and acts, provides useful analytical data, and supports leadership to make incremental changes that will strengthen the safety culture.




Where there is a group of people, a culture will quickly form.


Cultures are the collective beliefs, perceptions and behaviours of a group of people. We instinctively look for familiar patterns in our environment and other people to establish if it is friendly or threatening. To our minds, familiarity is predictable and therefore feels safer. This is part of our survival instinct and gives us our need to be connected and belong with the group.


In the absence of a safety culture strategy, a culture will be developed by the group and of their own accord. The group we are in is the ‘friend’ and the other group (managers) can then automatically become the ‘threat’.


If you don’t decide on the safety culture you want, you’ll live with the one you get.


When employee behaviours are not aligned with the company vision, this will have a detrimental effect on performance and productivity. Often, the misalignment is the result of a historical event that is no longer relevant but has become habitually maintained.


Understanding the previous experiences that drive unwanted behaviours will give you the opportunity to create new, future-focussed experiences.


Tended provides safety culture insights to understand what people think and why they think that way. Armed with this information, you are in a better position to make the necessary workplace changes to improve safety.




Using psychometrics, we adopt a 360° approach to spotlight your current safety culture and offer a benchmark for future comparison.


Regular assessments provide an indication of the impact that your interventions and activities are having. This ‘real-time’ feedback will allow you to tailor your engagement activities to ensure that they are heading in the right direction to achieve your goals.


Through deeper understanding of the current safety culture, you can synchronise the needs of individuals, teams and the organisation to build strong connections and interdependencies that will be channelled towards your collective vision.


Along the way, you provide better experiences, which in turn will bring about new stories, perceptions and behaviours. As these are passed on to new employees, the new culture will start to embed and maintain itself.




Getting employees involved in creating the future safety culture will get you to your vision quicker and with fewer difficulties. Think about how employees are experiencing your initiatives rather than just aiming for a set outcome. When they can clearly see ‘what’s in it for me’ they are more likely to be engaged.


Offer employees milestones to achieve so that they are aware of being on a journey and periodically check to ensure that your people, structure and systems are still robust and can mitigate any new challenges or risks to achieving your ultimate goal. You can use the success of these milestones to motivate and reinvigorate the need for change, as well as looking back and celebrating how far you have come.


When the right culture has been achieved, it will become the new normal, and by this stage you are likely to have a collective mindset of learning, innovation and pride in maintaining an excellent safety culture.