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Drive sustainable change with leadership development

With Tended, your employees have access to valuable learning materials so they have the tools and guidance they need to deliver maximum impact.


Over 50% of information is forgotten 1 hour after a training session

Tended uses microlearning as a powerful learning method that improves focus and supports retention by up to 80%.

Source: Ebbinghaus' Forgetting curve and RPS Research

A graphic of Tended's safey culture solution sending suggestions directly to managers

Personalised suggestions delivered directly to managers

Empower your leaders to take ownership of their teams' safety performance with tailored recommendations and suggestions.

Just a few minutes a month to create lasting change

Our solution uses science-backed microlearning to provide targeted leadership development to your managers, which takes just a few minutes to complete.

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A graph showing how overall safety culture score has improved over time

Advance your change initiatives

Track the impact of your interventions by monitoring your progress over time. Your score will increase as the changes start to land with your team and you can make timely changes if necessary.

Tended gives me suggestions and recommended courses on how to change downward trends.

Reports and analytics detail your organisation's overall safety score. With access to expert-backed materials and programmes, you can develop your leaders and continue driving improvements that benefit everyone.

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Progress graphs

Graphs that show perception changes allow for increased accountability and visibility across your organisation

Personalised suggestions

Expert-compiled tips and resources are sent via SMS and email to your managers, helping them drive safety improvements.


Certificates are issued upon course completion, increasing credentials and contributing towards CPD.

Microlearning content

We provide highly focused and tailored micrloearning content so that learning is much more effective.

Goal tracking

See goal progress and tweak your approach as your business progresses.

New initiative validation

Regular feedback shows the response to new initiatives and how they are received .


Download a sample safety culture report

This report sample provides a snapshot of what Tended can uncover about your organisation's safety culture. It's free and easy to share with your teams.

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A sample safety culture report
How it works

When you understand every aspect of your safety culture, you can drive continuous improvement and transform your workplace safety.

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Get unparalleled insights into what drives your safety culture and identify the issues that influence unsafe behaviours.

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See where to focus your improvement initiatives with in-depth analytics of your workplace safety culture.

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