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Uncover powerful insights into your safety culture

We use behavioural science to analyse employee feedback, which gives you an accurate measure of your safety culture.


80-90% of all accidents are caused by human error

Tended helps you address the root cause of human error in your workplace so you can prevent accidents and achieve consistently high safety standards.

Source: Heinrich, H.W., Peterson D. & Roos N. (1980) Industrial Accident Prevention McGraw Hill, New York

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Understand your organisation's safety culture

Building a strong safety culture starts by identifying where and why unsafe behaviours happen. Tended sheds light on key barriers, helping you to take a data-driven approach to overcome safety challenges.

Get meaningful insights that provide the whole picture

Gain insights on the perceptions of specific teams. With a targeted approach, you can drive safety improvements across teams that contribute to a strong organisation-wide safety culture.

Tended's Dashboard showing safety culture scores per group
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Surface hidden challenges

Starting an open diaglogue with your employees encourages transparency and trust, helping you gain honest feedback and uncover unknown issues.

As an engineer on the frontline, I'm able to share my safety concerns with my manager.

Tended gives your workforce the ability to anonymously share their concerns so you can see what's really happening behind the scenes.

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Adaptable feedback formats

Choose between SMS, email or on-site kiosk to gather employee feedback in a way that suits your organisation.

Multilingual options

Give everyone the chance to voice their opinions with multilingual feedback options.

Employee groups

Sort your workforce into groups to help you identify specific areas of concern and where interventions may be needed.


Save time with feedback automations. Customise the frequency and duration to suit your needs.


Set automated nudges to remind employees to submit their feedback if they haven't already.

Detailed reporting

Access in-depth analytics and reports to see where to focus improvement initiatives.


The ultimate guide to safety culture

Want to learn more about how safety culture is changing the health and safety landscape? This free download provides everything you need to know about safety culture and how it impacts workplace health and safety.

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Tended's ultimate guide to safety culture

See where to focus your improvement initiatives with in-depth analytics of your workplace safety culture.

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Making changes across your organisation can sound challenging. We keep things simple with targeted resources and content.

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How it works

When you understand every aspect of your safety culture, you can drive continuous improvement and transform your workplace safety.

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