Tended's geofencing device and Dashboard

Create safer work environments for all your teams

Improve the safety of your worksites with pre-planned virtual barriers to ensure your teams are always working out the way of danger.

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A geofence is a virtual perimeter, much like a physical fence but is instead defined by digital coordinates.

How it works

Get set up in minutes. In just a few clicks, you can have geofence zones mapped out and safety wearables ready to deploy on site.

Plan your worksite

Map out your geofences within the Dashboard. Define safe and unsafe work zones, designated site entrances, equipment locations and more so everyone knows how to set up and navigate the site safely.

Deploy your wearables

Your teams collect their wearables from the transport case and simply switch on and go. Wearables are updated automatically and in real-time, ensuring your teams are always up to date with any changes to their safe working zones.

Maximise onsite safety

Audible, visual, and vibration alerts are triggered if a worker approaches the boundary of a working zone. With real-time alerts, individuals are instantly notified of their potentially dangerous position, helping them regain situational awareness.

An example drawing of a geofence

A first-of-a-kind geofencing solution that helps protect your teams from near misses and accidents

Drive safe behaviours across teams

Nudge your teams into safer behaviours. With behavioural psychology at the core of our solution, we help increase safety awareness among your teams and cultivate safer behaviours on site.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Reduce site set up times and and minimise the chance of errors when placing protective equipment on site by virtually mapping out your worksite during the planning process.

Proactive accident prevention

Get insights into your work environment through data visuals and analytics on the Dashboard. Track key safety data to identify risks and unsafe trends and make changes to prevent accidents.

About us

Tended is a leading provider of safety wearables. We use the most advanced technology available to offer highly accurate, reliable and award-winning safety solutions.

We have deployed devices to industry leaders, including Babcock, Unilever, Siemens and Network Rail, helping to solve complex and evolving safety challenges.

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