Ensure your teams know where to work safely and your assets are positioned correctly

Tended's Dashboard which allows users to draw their own geofences

Map out every important detail on your worksite. With satellite imagery, custom map overlays, safe and danger zone planning, asset mapping, and many more useful features, you can ensure an accurate and efficient site set up.

Pre-plan your working zones

Create virtual safe and unsafe zones anywhere on your worksite, of any shape or size, so your teams can get to work safely. Define access points, safe routes, equipment locations and more for effective planning.

Create transient sites that change by time and event

Set a time and date against your safe working zones to suit work schedules. These variable safe zones help ensure your teams are away from harm when hazardous activities are scheduled on site.

Plan and monitor the location of critical assets

Plan where you want your on-site teams to place your critical assets. Track and monitor their location remotely and in real-time and be sure that no equipment leaves site unauthorised or is left behind.

Reduce the chance of error with approval workflows

Built-in workflows enable a complete approval and review process of planning activities. Inspect the change history of all plans and view comprehensive audit trails to help ensure regulatory compliance.

Solution functionality

With a growing list of features, you can be sure you have the most comprehensive safety solution available.

Get access across devices

Access the Dashboard from any location using a desktop, laptop or tablet with an internet connection.

Upload external geospatial data

Overlay your existing digital geospatial data, such as the position of your fixed assets, within the Dashboard to enable better-informed planning.

Integrate with existing systems

Set up integrations with your existing IT systems for seamless transfer of user accounts, geospatial data and other operational business information.

Flexible planning options

Plan your geofences months and years in advance or set one up in minutes to provide an extra layer of safety for highly reactive teams.

Access behaviour-based training

Receive a quick and impactful training experience with resources created by our behavioural science and user engagement experts combined with our powerful learning platform.

See safety analytics

Proatively increase site safety with valuable data points that provide insights into areas that present worksite risks.

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