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Explore the highs and lows of your safety culture

Gain valuable safety culture data that makes it easy to identify where to focus your safety interventions.


Around 70% of change initiatives fail

This is largely due to old cultural norms being deeply engrained. These need to be surfaced and adapted to new ways of operating to enable the process of sustainable change.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Get actionable insights

Easily see which areas of your safety culture to target for improvement. With scores out of 5 across 6 key culture categories, you can see the strengths and weaknesses of your safety culture at a glance.

Tended's safety culture scores per category
Tended's dashboard - participation rate

See data segmented across departments

Put an end to ineffective and time consuming company-wide training. With data displayed by department, you can deliver targeted interventions where they're needed.

See what's going on behind the numbers

Data and analytics displayed on your dashboard makes it quick to access the information you need and keep track of your progress.

Tended's dashboard - safety culture score

As a manager, I can see where we excel as a team and which areas are a concern that need more focus.

Data is displayed clearly to provide insights into where to invest your time and effort. You can monitor the effectiveness of your interventions and progress within your dashboard.

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View by group

Organise your workforce by teams or departments to see how specific groups are performing.

Detailed reporting

Downloadable PDF reports for sharing across teams, within safety moments, or presenting in meetings.

Qualitative feedback

We give you and your managers more context into high and low scores by automatically asking for qualitative feedback

Regular team updates

Managers can choose to receive monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly breakdowns via email, which highlight any score changes.

RAG status reporting

Red, amber, green performance indicators makes it easy to see what's going well and what isn't.

Leading indicators

Compare historic safety culture data across teams and see early indicators of potential risks within safety culture performance.


Download a sample safety culture report

This report sample provides a snapshot of what Tended can uncover about your organisation's safety culture. It's free and easy to share with your teams.

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Tended sample safety culture report

Making changes across your organisation shouldn't be challenging. We keep things simple with targeted resources and content.

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How it works

When you understand every aspect of your safety culture, you can drive continuous improvement and transform your workplace safety.

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Remove barriers to safety participation by reducing the time between workforce feedback and management action.

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