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Tended wins at the Railway Innovation Awards

Tended’s wearable geofencing solution took home the award for the Engineering and Safety category!

Now in its 24th year, The Railway Innovation Awards is a well-established and highly credible awards scheme that celebrates companies and individuals who are pushing the rail industry forward by developing innovative ideas. Organised by Modern Railways in partnership with the Railway Industry Association, it is the longest standing awards event in the railway industry.

Tended wins in the Engineering and Safety category at the Railway Innovation Awards

During the awards presentation, it was noted that:

“Judges were really impressed with the unique and innovative approach of this product to detect movement to an accuracy of 1.7cm and its ability to set up intricate inclusion and exclusion zones in as little as ten minutes.

They also liked the practical form factor of the wearable device and critically its ability to provide feedback simultaneously audibly, visibly and haptically when zone boundaries are breached.”

Leo Scott Smith, CEO at Tended said:

“We set out 5 years ago with a vision to build wearables to ensure people can return home to their loved ones. Of all the devices we’ve built and all the industries we’ve worked with, this is the one where we know we’ll make the biggest impact.

The work we’ve been doing with Network Rail and the technology we’ve subsequently build will put an end to trackside worker risk as we can now alert them to centimetre accuracy when they stray into an unsafe zone, without any on-site infrastructure! We’ll be seeing this technology deployed across the routes in the coming months.”

Tended's wearable alerts workers when they enter an unsafe zone
Safe zones are easily mapped out on Tended's Dashboard

None of this would have been possible without our incredible team here at Tended, the Network Rail Safety Task Force and our newly established partnership with Unipart Rail , who have been helping us to deliver the solution across the rail network.

To learn more about our high precision safety solution, visit our geofencing page .

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