A first-of-a-kind safety and positioning wearable

Small and powerful. Tended's wearables are built using the most advanced technology available for unparalleled results.


Get cm-level positioning accuracy with no beacon or local infrastructure set-up

Cellular, WiFi and Satellite

Wherever you teams are working you can be sure they'll stay connected

Ultra-Wide Band

Know proximity to plant when situational awareness drops

Environmental Sensors

Gather environmental data to build a full picture of site safety

Accuracy down to the centimetre

Give your teams peace of mind and limit the chance of false alerts. By combining high precision GNSS-RTK with AI, we're able to deliver a mean positioning accuracy of 14mm.

Infrastructure free to save time and mitigate risk

Unlike other safety systems, we don't rely on on beacons or local infrastructure, saving you time and minimising the chance of errors.

Clear warning alerts

Be sure your teams are notified the moment they approach a safe or unsafe zone boundary. With audio, visual and vibration alerts, we help your teams regain situational awareness before they enter hazardous areas.

Automatically fails into a safe mode

All of our wearables have been designed to be truly safety critical. Our wearable has 8 separate fail-safes, so your teams can be confident in putting their safety in our hands.

Get set up in minutes

You don't want lengthy installation times that consume valuable project time. Getting set up on site takes just minutes due to our quick and simple switch on and go functionality.

No cellular coverage, no problem

We understand that not every worksite will receive cellular coverage. Using satellite connectivitiy, our expansion pack ensures your teams stay connected, wherever they are on site.

Expandable options to suit your work environment

We understand that every worksite is unique. That's why our wearable is expandable so you can tailor a solution to your work environment and address specific safety concerns.

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Technical specification

Battery life

Up to 20 hours

Battery Capacity

4400 mAh


5V 1A


103 mm x 73.5 mm x 33 mm*


190 g **

Ingress protection

IP67 to EN 60529


113 dBA at 10 cm


35mm x 45mm superbright OLED


Speed - 12.1 G (typ.), 6.7 G (min.)
Amplitude - 7,300 rpm (+/- 1,500 rpm)


130 lm (typ.), 365 lm (max.)


Designed to meet MIL-STD 810-GTest Method 516.7 Shock

Charging case

Mains powered

Klick Fast™ universal mounting

Supports a range of mounting options


2G, 3G, 4G multi-operator


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compliant (2.4 GHz)


IEEE 802.15.1 v5.1 compliant

Near-field-communication (NFC)

ISO 7816 compliant

Data storage

8 MB internal memory (expandable)

*Not including antenna or accessories.
**Not including accessories.
***With alerting accessory.

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