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Safety culture improvements have been proven to lead to:


Reduction in accidents


Decrease in minor injuries


Cost reduction


Productivity improvement

Source: Confederation of British Industry (CBI) & JICOSH, Lockheed Martin Case Study (1999)


Uncover in-depth insights into your safety culture

Tended gathers detailed feedback from your workforce to go beneath the surface and reveal the influences and pressures behind unsafe behaviours.

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Get visibility over your safety performance

Scientific analysis shows you how safety culture is experienced in your workplace. Make data-driven decisions on which areas to target to maximise safety improvements.

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Develop your leaders, achieve sustainable change

Deeply ingrained cultural patterns require targeted interventions. We deliver highly-focused microlearning courses and resources to your leaders.

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Optimise your safety management system

When combined with a strong safety culture, a good safety management system creates safety excellence.

With the tools to create a strong safety culture, you can drive behaviours that are compliant with your safety management system.

Jules Reed, Head of Behavioural Science

We're here to ensure your success

We understand that not everyone is an expert in culture change. Our behavioural science experts are with you at every step to help you get the most out of Tended and help you shape the safety culture you want.

Onboarding and implementation

Successfully navigating culture change programmes can be challenging. Tended helps you on your journey with targeted techniques and best practice, ensuring you see results much quicker.

Change management

Alongside Tended's culture change automation, our culture and behavioural safety experts are by your side to ensure the success of your change initiatives.

Dedicated support

We measure our performance based on our client's cultural improvements. That's why we've built proactive tools prompting us to reach out and offer support the moment you need it.

What will your data tell you about your safety culture?

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