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Behavioural science

What is the anchor bias and how do we overcome it?

Understanding the anchor bias and how it's triggered will help to drive safer decisions.

Behavioural science

Predicting decisions with comparisons and decoys

This post looks at how the brain looks at choices to make decisions and how it can be influenced.

Behavioural science

Understanding the influence of social norms

Social norms have a greater influence on safety behaviours than campaigns and initiatives.

Health and safety

Take your work environment to the next level of health and safety

Here are some top tips on preventative measures you can take to help improve workplace safety and efficiency.

Safety culture

How to improve your safety culture

Here are some tips on how to create a great safety culture within your organisation.

Safety culture

Behavioural safety vs safety culture

We shine some light on the key differences between behavioural safety and safety culture.

Safety culture

Unsafe habits and how they affect safety culture

Habits are formed in the subconscious part of the mind and get stronger with every use.

Company news

An introduction to Tended's safety culture solution

Tended uncovers valuable insights into organisational safety culture to improve safety.

Safety culture

5 key indicators of a healthy safety culture

Here are 5 behaviours that can determine if your safety culture is divided or united.

Safety culture

What is safety culture?

Safety culture is an elusive term – how do we define it or observe it as safety behaviours?

Safety culture

Signs of a poor safety culture

Here are 5 key signs to look out for to identify whether you have a poor safety culture.

Health and safety

How to engage your teams in health and safety

When your workforce is engaged in health and safety, it brings a whole range of benefits to your organisation.