Our science-backed approach to improving safety culture

Tended's 360-degree safety culture change cycle

Building a strong foundation for sustainable change

Using science-based, proven concepts, we help you you identify and improve areas in your safety culture to drive positive behavioural change.

Get real-time insights

Get a detailed overview of what currently drives your safety culture and identify the issues that influence unsafe behaviours.

Drive change based on insights

We use Hudson's maturity matrix to accurately assesses safety maturity and provide relative scores from 0 to 5 so you can see which areas to target.

Make changes with targeted microlearning

Microlearning is the fastest route to changing safety culture. It targets issues with the right people at the right time to drive improvements.

Engage - get real-time insights

Time is precious for most organisations, so we aim to get quality data in the least amount of time. Our solution uses scientifically-validated questions that get straight to the heart of experiences that create your culture.

Your safety culture is then monitored on an ongoing basis. Using automated Pulse Surveys that take your employees less than a minute to complete, you can gain additional feedback about changes in perceptions, and the effectiveness of interventions, in real time.

Workers on-site in hi-vis completing a Tended survey on a tablet
Two factory workers dressed in PPE looking at a large site map

Target - drive change based on insights

Your feedback then undergoes a psychometric analysis. The results are displayed on your dashboard, which shows insights into 6 key categories of your safety culture.

A 5-level safety maturity score, based on the Hudson Model, is allocated against each category. This enables you to correlate these scores directly to your existing safety management systems.

Make changes with targeted microlearning

Our training is delivered directly to the relevant safety leader, so they can access targeted learning, at a time that suits them.

Each course has 3 - 4 modules, which take approximately 10 minutes to complete and are easy to understand and implement immediately in the work context.

Our content is created by experts in the fields of Health and Safety, organisational safety culture, and behavioural safety.

A female construction worker on-site dressed in PPE

Align every part of your organisation

With insights into where to target improvement activities, you can align every area of your business to achieve health and safety exellence.

Empower your whole organisation

Unite your people to build a strong safety culture where everyone benefits.

What will your data tell you about your safety culture?